William (1803-1885) m. Margery McConnell (1806-1864)

John M (1827-1905) m. Catherine Gill (1830-1908)

  1. William (1856-1926) m. Martha Flynn (1865-1949)
  2. Catherine (1858-1919) m. Christopher O’Melia (1858-1914)
  3. Mary McGee (1860-1919)
  4. Ella McGee (1862-1897) m. William Derrick (1860-1891)

Bernard (1831-1864) m. Maria Fitzgerald (1832-)

  1. Alice (1861-1864)
  2. Nellie (1862-1948)
  3. Mary “Mattie” (1863-1939) m. William Donahue

Michael (1832-1894) m. Mary Malone (1840-1911)

  1. Mary “Angie” (1866-1942)
  2. George (1870-1939) m. Ida lemon (1879-1907)
  3. Charles (1873-1904)

Ellen (1834-)

William (1837-1906) m. Sarah Malone (1845-1905)

  1. Mary E (1869-1912) m. Edward Dillon (1860-1938)
  2. Martha (1873-1946) m. James Simons (1868-1931)
  3. William G (1876-1933) m. Maude Crawford (1882-1966)

Nancy (1842-)


After numerous attempts to put a fancy family tree here, I admit defeat and have just typed up a simple version.  You are going to have to settle for a really pretty picture of a tree not far from my house. For me sometimes it is easier to look at the big picture. This is a 3 generation chart beginning with William and Margery McGee and their 6 children and their grandchildren. The “original six” McGee’s came to the United States with their parents as children and made their life here.  So far I have written about Bernard and Michael and am currently working on William’s branch.  John is my direct relative (my 2x great-grandfather) and will be next after William.  So far – the cousins I have found are either from John or William’s branch. There are two daughters – Ellen and Nancy and I haven’t even found a whisper of information of them!  They show up on the first few census records and then they disappear.