So because I don’t know what I am doing, I decided to take a Blogging 101 course to go along with my family history stories.  We were given the assignment to read and comment on other people’s blogs.  It was really interesting to see what is out there! The next day’s assignment was to write a blog based on one of our comments.

I read the following post it just spoke to me:

My comment had to do with how well the author weaved together several stories and brought them to life.  I don’t know much about weaving but I do know that it is an intricate process.  A person’s life story is also an intricate process.  The thing I loved the most that she used short but very powerful bits to make an unforgettable story.  Really, how much of our own life stories are made up this way?  Short (relatively) events that have profound and prolonged ramifications.  The most life-changing events in my own life have followed this pattern. Minutes, hours, days that change everything sometimes for the better, sometimes for the lessons.   Our life stories are made up of piecework moments woven together to make us who we are.  Every story, every person unique…how beautiful and powerful that is.