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After discovering that I really, really love to research I was as surprised as anyone.  Turns out I feel like a detective and am fascinated by the complex jigsaw that Genealogy has become for me.

My goal has been to put my research in some sort of book form – but let’s be honest…I have 3 active boys, a husband, work, a dog, a cat etc!  This is my platform to put what I have gathered out there to share as I compile it.

I would love to hear any and all stories that you have. The personal stories are really what bring it all to life.  The opportunity to really get a glimpse of who a person was and how they lived their life.  Please contact me or just add stories to the comments.  Long or short it doesn’t matter, just hoping to put as much information together as possible.I am planning on having sections for the Pfundstein and Marshall families as well as my Irish side as I gather the information.


  1. Donald J. Pfundstein

    September 5, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    H Mary Ellen,
    Thanks for your wonderful research and sharing its results in such an interesting way. My name is Donald James Pfundstein, a great grandson of Adam and Theresa.

    • Hi- great to meet you! Glad you are enjoying the blog. It seemed silly to be to have all this great information and not share it. Who were your Grandparents? My Grandmother was Adam’s daughter Ida.

  2. Genealogy is great passion! I don’t have the patience for it, so much kudos for your work. I’m leaving in Ireland. If I can be in any help for your Irish side, let me know. Best of luck for your future research!

    • Thank you for looking for my blog – I am still new at this and not always sure what I am doing! I may have questions for you about where things are located – I appreciate your offer!!!

  3. Genealogy has always facinated me. I started researching my Italian heritage a few years back and was amazed at all the great information I found. What a great way to gather your information. All the best to you!

  4. What a great idea to collect your genealogy findings in a blog! I look forward to seeing how it works out. I too have more of a desire to collect ideas and stories into a blog. Good luck.

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