I have a couple of picutres of the McGee family that are mostly unidentified.  Really hoping that my McGee cousins recognize  some of these folks! The above picture came from Nora McGee Pierce, my grandfather’s sister.  There is unfortunately no year on the picture but has to be before 1926.  Here is what I DO know:

From left: William McGee (1856-1926), J Norman McGee (1894-1952), the woman next to Norm maybe be Mary Ellen Murphy McGee (?),  the last lady on the right in this row is Martha Flynn McGee (1865-1949)

Back row: Nora McGee Pierce (1903-1932), Orrin Pierce (1885-1936), Unidentified,  Madeline McVay McGee (1894-1967)






Pretty much the same thing with this photo, taken before 1926. I don’t know who any of the children are, the man with the pipe on the left is J. Norman McGee, the man behind him is his father William McGee, the next man is unidentified (also sitting near William and Norm in the first picture), Madeline McGee is next, in front of her maybe Nora McGee Pierce? The standing woman is Martha Flynn McGee.