Augusta Pfundstein 1917

Family History Magazine Writing Challenge: Imagine your ancestor had social media during their lifetime, and write a Facebook post or series of tweets describing something they’re witnessing in real-time.

In 1922 Augusta was a 21 year old woman living in the Boroughs of New York city. She was also a registered voter. What an amazing witness to history she was! She is listed as a  Democrat in a book of enrolled voters,  It made me so proud to see.

The first Presidential election she was eligible to vote in was 1924. It saw Republican Calvin Coolidge running against  Democrat John Davis.  Coolidge was already in the White House, he was Vice President when Warren Harding died in office the year before. The election probably didn’t turn out as she hoped – I know the feeling…

Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton had died long before women were finally granted the right to vote.  Even though they were not alive to see their efforts rewarded they influenced generations of women to come. Susan B Anthony is buried in nearby Rochester, NY.  Every year on Election Day thousands of women visit her grave to pay tribute to the pioneer.

Here is my imagination of Augusta’s Facebook post from Election day in 1924:

Women around the country vote today! History in the making. So proud to be a part of this great nation.  Go Vote!  #susanbanthony, #elizabethcadystanton, #womenrule, #hopemyguywins

Augusta went on to live her best life and I have to believe that the brave woman who came before her, helped to influence her. She became a Nun, but didn’t fade quietly into their numbers.  Augusta (Sister Miriam Claire) got an education, more than many women of her time were able to even fathom.  She was 27 when she went into the convent. She was high school teacher and went on to become an administrator. I found her in a book that included an abstract of her dissertation that was published in 1939. Augusta Pfundstein rocked and I could not be more proud to be her relative!

City Record Supplement: Transcript of Enrollment books. Borough of Queens. (1922). New York, New York.