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Month: October 2017

Navy Day

October 27 is recognized as Navy Day, a day to honor past and present members of the United States Navy.  For today’s Picure Day I am sharing a photo of my very favorite member of the Navy, my uncle Ed Marshall.  Uncle Ed served in the Navy which allowed him to graduate from Notre Dame University.  He was an aeronautical engineeer, he helped design a Navy plane and worked for NASA.  He was part of the team that designed the oxygen pack that the  Apollo 11 astronauts wore during the first moon walk.  It is on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space museum.  Uncle Ed may have been a “rocket scientist” but he was also very down to earth. He had that wonderful ability to make you feel as if you were the most important person in the room.  As a kid I always remember how he would take extra time to talk to me.  I can’t imagine that anything I told him was terribly riveting but he always made me feel like it was interesting to him.

What other members of the family served in the Navy?  Let me know and I will add them

Joseph Pfundstein

Thomas Pfundstein




The Night of the Big Wind



I had something all picked out for Picture Day today, but when I walked outside and saw this beautiful flower,  it changed my mind.  While in Ireland I bought a package of seeds from Kylemore Abbey, planted them and then forgot all about them.  Such a nice surprise to see them blooming today!

My mind and heart have been with Ireland all week.  With Ophelia bearing down on them, we spent Monday watching the news.  My niece Katy kept in touch with our tour guide Martin and his wife Maureen.  Martin was sweet enough to even come up with a comforting answer for our 6yr old.  Sean was very worried about what would happen to the sheep during the storm. Martin said they would be safe in “sheep houses”. While it probably wasn’t exactly true, Sean was happy with the answer.

If you have a few minutes please check out Ronan Burren’s Facebook group called Ireland’s Inner Beauty

He posts gorgeous videos from all around Ireland. However my favorite are the videos he posts from the local pubs.  They are of local musicians and are just perfect.  Of course I am biased but by far my favorite are the videos are from Cruises Bar in Ennis, County Clare and my favorite singer is Martin White.  Last night Ronan posted a video of Martin and Maureen. He talked about our time there – we are all extended family now!  I truly can’t say enough about how amazing our trip was and how welcome we felt.  

I am also attaching a link to a fascinating article I read about a destructive storm that hit Ireland in January 1839.  It must have been truly terrifying experience to those who lived through it.  Our McGee ancestor’s included, they were living in Donegal at the time of the storm. The night of the big wind.


Clergy Appreciation Day

1940’s Adam with Fr. Adam, Sr. Miriam, Sr.Augusta, a niece, and Fr. Edward


October 9 was Clergy Appreciation Day – who knew?  This picture has been shared before but it always makes me smile to see it!! The photo was taken in the early 1940’s (Adam died in 1942).  Maybe they were all together for a special occasion or maybed it was just a Sunday dinner.  Whatever the reason it looks like they were having a great time!  I can’t even imagine how proud Adam and Theresa must have been about their son’s in the Clergy and of the their daughter’s who became Sisters.

**Update**  Thank you to Loretta Hawkes who was able to give me some more details about the above picture. From Loretta:

Three times a year the nuns were allowed to come home. After they had dinner at Grandpa Grandma’s house, all the brothers and sisters would come for coffee or tea, including all the grandchildren. Everybody brought a cake or cookies and took turns visiting with the nuns and priests. The Josephite nun in the picture was a friend of the family not a niece. Her name was Sr. Grace. All we grandchildren had fun playing outside until it was time for us to come in to have a treat.. At this time, Aunt Tess was hostess and chief cook. After Grandpa passed away, Aunt Elsie Wengler took over the affair also in Glendale where most of us lived. I think I am the eldest of my generation to tell these stories. My last brother, Dick, passed away in May at 94 years of age. I will be 90 in Dec..

Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary to my cousin Mary Claire and her husband Dick.  They were married this week in October 1976.  The picture was taken at the Stafford Country Club in Stafford, NY.  I love everything about this picture – Mary Claire is gorgeous. All 5 of the Marshall children are here with spouses as are many of the Marshall cousins.  The clothes and hairstyles are fabulous!

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