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Month: August 2017

High Fashion

This week’s Picture Day is keeping with the theme of last weeks – pictures of family as children.  Madeline fur coat This picture always cracks me up, that pose, that coat…she must have been something else!  The photo is of my Grandmother, Madeline McVay McGee, she was born in 1894 and looks to be maybe 2-3 in this picture.  That puts the picutre date approx 1896-97. Madeline (Maime) was the oldest child and only daughter of John and Margaret Ryan McVay. They lived in Jamestown, NY and her father was a successful business owner, her aunt owned a dress shop.  So far as I have been able to find Maime was the only granddaughter.  Seems safe to assume that she was doted on as a little girl!  Unfortunately life was always so rosy.  By the time she was 6 she had lost one of her brothers and her father.  She moved to Warsaw, NY with her mother and surviving brother.

Summertime in New York

This is one of my favorite pitcures of my mom!  She is 3yrs old in the photo, it was taken in 1936/37 at Coney Island.  I love her adorable smile – and oddly sensible shoes…   Also love the sailor in the background.

Aunt Terry

Today’s Picture Day is in honor of my Aunt Terry. Teresa Marshall Kelly (1927-2015) Today (August 18) is her birthday and my littlest one is lucky to share his birthday with her! I need some more pictures of her but even without them I have really wonderful memories of time spent together. She and my mom were really close and saw each other through many things during their lives. They were fun to watch together – they always had stories to tell and they always included a lot of giggling. Aunt Terry suffered for many years from Alzheimer’s disease, it was especially heartbreaking for my mom see her bright, funny sister slip away. She was able to recognize my mom even after most everyone else had slipped out of her memory.

Aunt Terry graduated Summa Cum Laude (I hope I have that right) from college and was a teacher until her children were born, later after her children were grown she became a social worker. Terry and her husband had 7 children, one of their sweet daughters passed young. These days whenever we spend time with our Kelly cousins, there is a lot of giggling (kind of like our mom’s).

Happy Birthday to this wonderful lady, I will make sure that our little Sean knows all about his great Aunt Terry

Family Reunion


This is not a very old picture, but I sure do love it a lot.  After many years of talking about having a family reunion, we actually did it.  This is a picture of the Marshall cousins (grandchildren of Ed and Ida Pfundstein Marshall).  We were missing a few but fairly well represented nonetheless.  The reunion was held where I live, Seven Springs in Batavia, NY, on August 8, 2011.  It was such a great day to spend with our cousins!!

Even though the picture is only 6 yrs old, we have lost 2 cousins from this group as well as 2 aunts and an uncle.  10 days after the picture was taken, my husband and I welcomed our third son to the family!  There have been several more little ones added over the years as well.

Even though we are scattered all over, we still get together when we can.  We haven’t had a reunion quite this big in a few years – maybe time to start planning again…

Tiny Little Pfundsteins…

This week’s Picture Day features the oldest 4 Pfundsteins.  This was sent to me, I don’t have the original.  The picture was taken in Brooklyn in the late 1890’s .  The back row is Joseph (1892),  and Henry (1890), in the front Clara (Sister Augusta 1896) and Ida (1894). How cure are the boys matching outfits? Looks like they gave Clara a bell to hold to keep her occupied!  Keeping 4 small kids still long enough to take a picture at that time  couldn’t have been easy…  Love these cuties!

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