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Picture Day

So I am super excited to be moving to a new site for my blog! is the new address.  This site will give me a little more flexibility over the site and now I have my own domain name – how fun is that?!

It takes me a little while to post biographys because things like kids, jobs, and life get in the way!  In an effort to put some new things on the blog in between biographys, I decided to post some of the pictures I have collected.  If anyone has pictures to share – let me know and I will post them!  So the plan is to post a picture or two  every week (or so). Here goes…


On my long list of relatives to research is my Great Uncle Wayne McVay.  He was my Dad’s uncle and the only person on that side that I ever met.  He lived in Los Angeles and came East to visit once a year.  We would always have him to dinner and he would talk and talk about family history.  I was little and bored out of my mind – what I wouldn’t give for one more of those evenings now!  He died in the late 1980’s and his landlady threw away almost all of his belongings.  He had years of research and photographs that were just tossed away.

Though ancient by my standards, Uncle Wayne lived a pretty interesting life.  He worked for Howard Hughes for a time!  This picture was taken on May 26, 1946 and is stamped on the back as being from Beech Aircraft Corporation’s public relations deptarment, located in Wichita Kansas.  Uncle Wayne wrote a note on the back to his sister Madeline (my grandmother)

“Dear Madeline: 

Here’s a picture we had taken the morning we flew to Texas.  The sun was rather strong so we all look pretty cross.



Left to Right: Harry Lyons, Oklahoma City, OK,  Wayne McVay, MDI, O.P. Chaffi, MDI, Walter H Beech (Yeah – the guy who started Beech Aircraft), E. Naugle,C. Williams, MDI


I can’t wait to do some more digging and see what else I can come up with!




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  1. This is fantastic !! I enjoy reading all of the posts . Thank you for all the hard work you put into it ❤️

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